PianoForAll Review – the Truth about Robin Hall’s Course

Welcome to our review of the PianoForAll course by Robin Hall. When it comes to learning how to play the piano or keyboard, one of the major reasons that serve as a drawback for loads of people is the cost implication of these lessons.

Most often than not, these traditional courses are always too expensive for an average individual or student. This leaves a handful of them discouraged and makes them quit easily. For some, it ultimately kills their desire and goals of becoming a skillful piano player that they have always dreamed of. Only a few gather some courage within, and decide to give the option of learn piano online a shot.

For those who want to learn the piano or keyboard, and are faced with similar scenarios (amongst others) as described above, this is exactly where the PianoForAll course by Robin Hall comes in.

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Is PianoForAll Any Good? pianoforall

This is one pressing question that many people have been seeking answers to on PianoForAll forums. On these threads, people of all gender and ages do ask questions like; is PianoForAll any good, is Robin Hall’s piano for all good, is piano for all a scam, and many more.

It is understandable for people to be curious and raise eyebrows especially when they have got their hands burnt in the past. Many have bought piano courses and gone for certain keyboard lessons that are nothing but a waste.

In the words of Robin Hall, the creator of piano for all full piano course, the breakthrough is now here. This is as a result of the release of his PianoForAll complete pack – eBooks, CD and DVD.

Robin Hall claims that his piano for all lessons have the capacity to help anyone learn piano or keyboard in a matter of months (not years) without wasting their hard earned money, time, and effort on traditional piano lessons.

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Still want to know more before making an informed decision on whether to get PianoForAll or not, then let’s continue with our PianoForAll.com review…

Going forward, you will understand what the PianoForAll course/guide is all about, what you should expect to get after placing your order, not forgetting all the most important pros and cons of the piano for all program.

To start with, let’s discuss what the PianoForAll course can offer you.

What Exactly Is the PianoForAll course?

Just as the name suggests, Piano For All by Robin Hall is one of the most reliable and trusted courses out there, which seeks to make the learning of the piano or keyboard an easy adventure for all.

The PianoForAll lessons come in the form of eBooks, which includes highly interactive audios and videos that can be stored, heard or viewed on any device such as; PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or any Android Smartphone or tablet.

It couldn’t be easier to learn Piano, just click and play. In this piano for all guide, you will be taught to play by ear and also to read music.

The instructions in Piano for All are comprehensive, detailed, and very easy to follow. It carefully covers all piano styles such as; pop, jazz, blues, ragtime, ballads, and even amazing classical pieces.

It doesn’t matter whether you have prior piano playing background or not, Robin Hall prepared the PianoForAll course to help catapult complete beginners to an intermediate level faster than any other method.

Main Features:
• An all-inclusive package; Ebooks, Audios, and Videos
• Compatible with all devices; PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android tablets and phones
• It covers all piano styles; pop, blues, jazz, ballads, improvisation, classical.
• Play-by-ear and learn to read music concurrently
• Filled with tips, techniques, tricks, and formulas to help people get started and sound amazing right from the outset
• A comprehensive and easy-to-follow guide
• Highly interactive and clearly laid out ebooks
• 200 videos; over 10 hours in total
• 500 audio lessons
• The video and audio can be accessed right on the page you are viewing so you don’t have to open separate programmes
• Instant download or delivered anywhere in the world on a DVD ROM
• Great Testimonials from members

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PianoForAll Course Contents

Some of the materials that the piano for all lessons have to offer include;

(A) Interactive eBooks – they include nine profound books. Excerpts of this books are as follows;

  • Book one; Party Time/Play by Ear/Rhythm Piano – Play great rhythm style piano straight away with piano chords.
  • Book two; Blues and Rock ‘n’ Roll – play some great Blues and Rock ‘n’ Roll Piano
  • Book three; Chord Magic – Learn additional piano chords using startling memory tricks and play some massive practice progressions in the fashion of popular songs.
  • Book four; Superior Chords Made Easy – learn some advanced chords but PianoForAll helps you do this in an easy way, unlike achieving them by going the technical way.
  • Book five; Ballad Style – Creating some amazing piano ballad style, and apply same to melodies in 3 easy steps through your knowledge of chords.
  • Book six; Jazz Piano Made Easy – Amazingly easy techniques which you can apply to any tune
  • Book seven; Advanced Blues and Fake Stride – You would learn loads of ways to enhance your playing, and how to improvise blues piano over the rhythms you’ve been practicing since book 2.
  • Book eight; Taming the Classics – learn to read piano sheet music as you learn to play by ear.
  • Book nine; Speed Learning – This book has loads of fun-filled exercises and memory tricks that can be used at any stage of the PianoForAll course.

(B) 200 video piano lessons – that takes you through each step of the way. These video tutorials also contain detailed and thorough verbal piano instructions. Just play the video if you don’t understand the written instruction.

(C) 500 audio piano lessons – that hasten, improve, and cuts the learning time in half. The over 500 sound files have been directly embedded in the ebook. To instantly hear or listen to an audio piano lesson, just click on the sound icon beside each tune or exercise.

pianoforall reviews

Suffice it to say that PianoForAll works on any device whatsoever. All these merits and many more makes the piano for all complete download a complete multimedia training system.

Now, let’s talk about an aspect that just can’t be ignored – the pros and cons of the PianoForAll course.

The Pros and Cons of Piano For All Lessons

The Pros

  • Convenience

Being an online piano and keyboard lessons, the PianoForAll course provides an opportunity to learn the instrument in the comfort of your home and at your convenience.

  • Take it anywhere

Aside from the merit mentioned above, PianoForAll lessons can also be taken on the go. This is so because the eBooks, videos, and audios can be stored on your gadget. You can therefore watch the videos and read the eBooks on the bus, on the train etc.

  • Each ebook is a self-contained Package

One of the vital parts of PianoForAll is that each eBook is an all inclusive package. By simply clicking on the audio and video files, you will gain instant access to them. You don’t have to open several files in different windows to see or hear them.

  • It Involves No Waiting Time

The course is easily downloaded to your computer, laptop, and other gadgets. You can access it any time, making it one of the simplest and fastest lessons available online.

  • Great Learning Curve

PianoForAll also gives its students great tips and tricks for sounding great from the beginning.

  • Support

Robin Hall makes himself readily available via his personal email which he has published on his website.

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

Robin Hall is so confident of the PianoForAll course that he promised to offer a full refund (100%) to anyone who is not happy or satisfied with what the PianoForAll course has to offer. Piano for all pdf complete pack comes with a risk-free 60 days money back guarantee, so you got absolutely nothing to fear or worry about.

The Cons

  • Plugins

It can be difficult to gain access to the embedded videos if you don’t have the required video player installed on your system or device.

This can however be solved when you visit the download area of the piano for all website. Simply follow the link to acquire the compatible video player then you are good to go.

  • Volume

The PianoForAll eBooks can really be burdensome for anyone who is scared of reading books that are that large or voluminous.

The Final Verdict

Overall, we sincerely love the idea of being able to download the PianoForAll course on any of your gadget, and go through the online piano lessons or online keyboard lessons whenever you like and wherever you want.

There’s a lot to like with Piano for All. It is certainly one of the most straight forward courses to show you exactly how to play the keyboard or piano. The teaching methods are progressive, engaging and make the learning process more fun for students.

Robin Hall has clearly put in a lot of effort and time in producing this course and it makes learning the piano fun-filled and a lot easier than you may think. Furthermore, you are not left alone whenever you need direction on a particular area. You can always get personal support from Robin anytime when you join his PianoForAll program.

It’s also extremely affordable in comparison to most piano courses out there. Talking about downloadable piano courses that are budget-friendly, it’s hard to beat the value that Piano for All provides.

Since nothing good comes easy, it should be noted that the PianoForAll guide is not for anyone who is lazy. There are certain amount of work, diligence, commitment and dedication that you must put into it to achieve results.

That shouldn’t be a problem especially if your desire is to become an ingenious player of the piano or keyboard in the shortest possible time. Anyone that carefully follows Robin Hall’s PianoForAll tutorials will soon find himself or herself playing some lovely sounding music. All this would take place in just a couple of months. I’m sure you won’t regret it. You will certainly get so much pleasure and benefits from the Piano For All course.

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That’s all for our PianoForAll reviews, and we hope to hear your own piano for all customer reviews very soon, just as other members have done on the website of PianoForAll.com HERE.

Good luck to you.

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