Learn Photo Editing Review – Is This Photo Retouching Tutorial Worth It?

You will agree with me that virtually everyone gets attracted to stunning images. We all love, appreciate, and are drawn to great photos. As an artist or a photographer, when it comes to taking, creating, and producing professional quality photos and images, many are of the view that you need a very expensive camera or a sophisticated lens to do so. This is exactly where Learn Photo Editing premium Photoshop tutorials come in…

On this particular review of the Learn Photo Editing course, we shall focus on three major sections;

  1. The basics section, which will help you to understand better what the “Learn Photo Editing” guide is all about.
  2. The section about the main pros & cons of the Learn Photo Editing program, which will cover several of its most important benefits and drawbacks.
  3. The final section where we share our feelings and final thoughts about learn photo editing tutorials for designers and photographers.

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As mentioned earlier, let’s start by first highlighting what this photo editing tutorials entail…

About Learn Photo Editing Tutorials

The Learn Photo Editing course is a video training program put together by a professional graphic artist, photo and video colorist, photo editor and photographer by the name Patrick. Learn Photo Editing Reviews - The truth you need to know

Learnphotoediting contains about thirty four (34) professional Photoshop tutorials, which the author claims can help you take your photos to a new phase if only you can master the art of photomanipulation, compositing and retouching.

According to Patrick, the creator of the course, he said that his main purpose for coming up with the “Learn Photo Editing + photography tutorials collection” is to teach you (including those who are not skilled digital painters) how you can create better photos with ease by spending little or no  money, and it all starts with photo editing.

Not being a good digital painter himself, Patrick strongly believes that everyone – those who have set digital art and photography as a career goal, or others, who have made it just a personal goal, can get the same results he achieved just by following and mastering the tips, tricks and knowledge he shared in his Learn Photo Editing tutorials.

Course Contents – What does Learn Photo Editing has to offer?

The course contains a series of Learn Photo Editing videos (about 34 in all) that will teach you a combination of photomanipulation, color grading, retouching, and many more. Brief excerpts of some of the vital tutorials you will learn in this photo editing training include;

  • How To Add An Enchanted Atmosphere To Your Photos
  • Tips for Transforming Your Portraits With Color Grading
  • How To Create A Zombie Infested City
  • Improving The Look Of Your Wedding Photos
  • How To alter A Self Portrait Into A Studio Shot Portrait
  • Create A bizarre Looking Character With superior Retouching Techniques
  • Turning Photos Into High Impact Magazine Ads
  • Simple Ways To Give Your Portraits The ‘Video Game Look’
  • Creating High-Powered And More Impactful Portraits
  • Simple Ways to Create Breathtaking Images
  • How To Give A Photo An Awesome Grungy Desaturated Look

See more on the website of Learn Photo Editing at learnphotoediting.net

Before continuing with other contents that come with the course, let’s quickly list details of the learn photo editing tutorials for the benefit of those who just need a quick summary.

Product Details:

Product NameLearn Photo Editing
Product CreatorPatrick
Official websiteClick Here
Price$37 (you can get a special $10 OFF today at the official website – (learn photo editing .net)
Product TypePhotography
Refund Policy100% Money Back Guarantee
Users Rating9/10
Product FormatVideo Series
Final VerdictRecommended

Let’s continue… What are the other tutorials that are included in the Learn Photo Editing package?

  • How to create a Lightbox for Pocket Change
  • How To Paint With A Mouse – Digital Painting For Beginners
  • Creating Fantasy Photoshop characters
  • How To Make A Portrait Pop Out Of The Screen
  • Creating Stylized Black And White Portraits
  • How To Create A Fantasy Environment With Photomanipulation
  • Turning Photos Into A flamboyant Poster Ad
  • Retouch Your Portraits Like The Pros
  • How To Do An Extreme Makeover Digitally In Photoshop
  • Change The Look Of A dry Photo With Color Grading
  • How To Make The Most Out Of Your Raw Photos
  • Creation Of Cartoon Character With Photomanipulation And Retouching
  • Make Facial Features Pop-Out With Retouching
  • Best Ways To Make Your Portraits Look Extra Ordinary And Out Of This World
  • How To Change Lighting In A Photo
  • Glam Up A Budget Photo Shoot With Editing

And The List Goes On… This is so because Patrick updates and adds to the course regularly. In other words, just by becoming a member of the learn Photoshop editing program, you are eligible to gain access to Patrick’s learn photo editing download tutorials.


The Big Question – Is Learn Photo Editing Really Worth It?

That is one question that loads of people who are saying; I want to learn photo editing, how to learn photo editing in Photoshop, best way to learn photo editing etc., and have heard about Patrick’s photo editing programs and his website – learnphotoediting.net, are asking day in day out. learn_photoshop_editing

This vital and sincere question will lead us to the most important part of this photo editing course – the pros and cons of the Learn Photo Editing tutorial. We will then conclude with our final verdict.

The Pros and Cons of the Learn Photo Editing Course

The Pros


The Learn Photo Editing tutorials (for designers and photographers) are carefully spread out into 34 pro tutorials. Each photo editing training video is anywhere from thirty (30) to ninety (90) minutes long, with each video focusing on a particular aspect of photo editing.

Step-by-step guide

The Learn Photoshop Editing videos are very detailed and simple to follow, and that is why even a novice can watch them and start creating better photos in the shortest possible time.

Same Results

The author of Learn Photo Editing supplies same source images that were used in the tutorials, so that members would be able to do exactly what he did in the photo retouching tutorial, thereby producing similar breakthrough results.

Lifetime Membership

Just as it has been rightly said that the largest room in the world is the room of self improvement, Patrick, the author of learnphotoediting continuously adds new video to the Learn Photo Editing programs. Once you become a member by paying the onetime fee of $37, you are eligible to receive new contents that are added afterwards.

Full Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason, you think LearnPhotoEditing is not any good, you can ask for a refund, and you’ll get all your money back instantly.

The Cons

No Photoshop License Key

It doesn’t come with Photoshop license key, so you might have to make do with a free Photoshop trial version for 30 days just to get started with the Learn Photo Editing videos, especially if you don’t have the budget for premium Photoshop, which seems expensive to an average individual.

Works Better With Upgraded Photoshop Versions

It requires the use of Photoshop CS5, or newer versions such as CS6 or CC. Older versions of Photoshop would definitely work with Learn Photo Editing, but the effects would definitely differ.

Color Grading

Also, if you have Photoshop Elements, you can certainly learn photo editing learn professional Photoshop effects tutorials, but know that most of the color grading as carried out in the videos were done with options not available in Elements.

It May Be Time Consuming

It may be a little bit tiring for a newbie because learning about photo editing takes some time, and requires dedication and commitment.

This shouldn’t however be a problem. Just as it is popularly said; nothing good comes easy. To be good at whatever one does, loads of hunger, hardwork, and diligence are required.

Final Verdict on Learn Photo Editing Review

Overall, learn photo editing is appropriate for artist, photographers, photo and image editors, and every other person who is truly desirous of unleashing their creativity that hitherto had been lying fallow before now.

Though getting a premium Photoshop tool could be a major drawback for those who don’t have Photoshop and are short of funds, the fact that they could get a free 30 days free trial version compensates for that.

Since nothing really worthwhile can be achieved without some level of dedication, sacrifice and commitment, Learn Photo Editing may not be worth it for you if you are lazy and not willing to take action.

Suffice it to say that one of the most vital benefits of Learn Photo Editing course is that the fee is affordable. This automatically grants all members complete access to all future tutorials absolutely FREE. Not forgetting the fact that you are covered with a risk-free 60-days money back guarantee.

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That’s all for our Learn Photo Editing Reviews.

Please share your thoughts with us for the benefits of others out there who want to know whether Patrick’s learn photo editing tutorial is really worth it.

ood luck to you.

Lisa Meadows.


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